Welcome to Community Assistance Incarceration, Inc.

This wiki is the authoritative reference site for all things related to the Community Assistance slave program operated in Second Life by Community Assistance Incarceration, Inc.

The menu on the left is divided into several sections:

  • General information about what CAII is, what a CA slave is, and how the program operates
  • Where to find CA slaves and what to do with them once you have
  • How to become a CA slave and what to do once you have
  • Finally, information about this particular wiki

This wiki may be edited by those given permission by CA-00. This permission will normally be given upon an inworld request sent to her account name, CAII Wonder. It's intended mainly to be edited by those who are or have been CA slaves, though others may also do so at CA-00's discretion. Note that those pages detailing CAII policy will normally only be edited by CA-00.