CA Slave Suit Installation Guide

This guide will describe how the various attachments and clothing worn by a CA slave is to be set up. This procedure will require some editing skill, including the ability to edit an attachment and remove parts, and link others to it.

Collecting the pieces

It is best to start with a new folder in your Clothing folder. Title it with your assigned CA number, for example CA-00. This will be referred to as CA-xx in this notecard. Place copies of your current eyes and the shape you wish to use in it. (If you want to use a different shape, that's fine, too; the shape supplied with the ER hood is suitable for a female if you want something generic.) Next, copy the following items into it:

  • From the ER Fetish Doll Hood 1.0 folder, the ER 3-Hole Hood (black/long) skin, the ER Bald Head hair, and the ER Fetish Doll Hood object. The skin is for a female, but it will work for a male as well, since none of the female features will be visible; its only purpose is to hide the thin band of skin between the top of the Graves suit and the hood.
  • (Males) From the ER SingleTail Latex folder, the ER SingleTail Latex object.
  • (Females) From the ER TwinTails Latex folder, the ER TwinTails Latex object.
  • From the iControl System folder, the iControl System Implant must be moved. Copy the iCollar and iCuffs for forearms, lower legs, and belt.
  • From the Chat Enhancer folder, the Chat Enhancer object itself.
  • (Males) From the G77 Black and White - male - Special Edition folder, the undershirt, V2 Special Edition pants, gloves, and socks.
  • (Females) From the G76 Black and White - female folder, the undershirt, pants, gloves, and socks.
  • (Males) From the G144 Black and White Male Boots folder, the Boot base shoes and the two Boots objects named with each foot.
  • (Females) From the G97 Black and White Boots folder, the Boots shoes and the two Boots objects named with each foot.
  • (Males, optional) If you purchased the Sensations Cock, copy from the Sensations Sculpted Male Cock 2.0 Box folder, the Sensations Sculpted Cock 2.0 (M) and the Sensations HUD.
  • From the Bondage Witch Project Special CAII Kit folder, copy all of the objects except the Force Field Silks Controller and the BWP Sensations Connector.
  • When you are given your CA slave sentence button, (females) dildo, and shirt template and texture, they will go into this folder as well. The shirt will be edited later.

Basic fitting

For all of the following, you will need to simply wear/attach the item and, if needed, fit it to your shape. A pose stand will be greatly helpful for this. You may use the one upstairs in the CAII building if you don't have one of your own.

Unless otherwise noted, each item will be attached to its default location.

Your chosen shape and eyes
Do not change your shape once you have fitted everything, or if you do, change back to the shape you fitted everything to. If not, things will be out of place.
G76 (female)/G77(male) Suit pieces
wear these first, as you'll align other components to them
Chat Enhancer
Attach this to your chin instead of the default left eye. This will keep your title from bouncing around so much.
ER 3-hole Hood skin
ER Fetish Doll Hood
This may need a bit of stretching to cover your ears and have the neck ring visible all the way around your neck.
ER Bald Head hair
If you have another bald cap to go with your usual hair, you may use that instead.
ER SingleTail/TwinTails Latex
This may need to be slightly repositioned if you have resized the hood.
iControl System Implant
This may be attached to any HUD point and placed as desired. It's suggested to leave some room above it so that hovertext can be seen.
Turn-On Button (pelvis)
Attach it to the pelvis, and align it in the center of the circle in front at the pelvis. (Females) Make sure this is aligned properly, as it is used to position the dildo later.
OnOff Accessory - Status LED (r upper arm, l upper arm, l upper leg)
These need to be centered in the circle on that spot on the uniform, with the round part out and the tip of the housing just barely protruding from the suit and parallel with it at the place it's attached. Don't do anything with the chest or spine LEDs just yet.
iCollar, iCuffs Belt, four iCuffs
These will attach, but will not show until commanded to. Touch the iControl implant HUD, then select Other…, iCuffs, then Hide Collar, Show Collar, and Show Cuffs. These should be fitted so they do not appear to dig into the surface of the suit at any point.
CA slave sentence button
Adjust so the invisible prim covers most of your hand and the black button sticks out of the back of your hand a bit.
(Males, optional) Sensations Sculpted Cock
Attach this to the pelvis 2 attachment point. You'll need to rotate it 180 degrees and adjust its position forward and up a bit. You should also make sure its size is reasonable; it is recommended to shrink it as far as it will go. This is the only item that must be worn on an Emerald extended attachment point; it will not display correctly to a non-Emerald user when it is visible.
Force Field Silks Image Projector
Attach it to your right upper leg. Position it so that the base is centered on the circle, and the corners of the base are just beneath the surface of the suit. Edit the contents, remove the existing textures, and drop the SlaveID: CA-xx notecard and CAII Logo texture into it.

Basic editing

Always work on a copy of the item so that you can start fresh if you have a problem.

G97 (female)/G144 (male) Boots
Wear the boot objects and the shoe bases. Shrink the cuff, then bury it and the two studs at the top of the boot inside the boot itself.

Note: The boots were recently changed to be no modify, and to include versions with an alpha layer. The version 2.0 boots must be worn with the alpha layer, and only on viewers that support it (currently, Phoenix versions 373 and later and Viewer 2). The cuffs cannot be removed at present; this has been brought to the attention of Jackie Graves, and a solution has been requested.

The heavy stuff

These two items must be combined into one in order to allow wearing them and not spilling over into the Emerald attachment points.

  • On/Off Accessory - Status LED (chest and spine): Follow these steps:
    • Rez both of these inworld, about half a meter apart.
    • Rotate them so they lie flat on the ground, with the green bulbs opposite each other, facing away from each other.
    • Hold down the shift key, click on the chest LED, then the spine LED. The edit window will say (on the right side) "Selected: objects: 2 primitives: 4".
    • Click on Tools (menu at the top of the window) -> Link. The spine LED should be highlighted in yellow, showing it's the root.
    • Rename the object in the edit window to On/Off Accessory - Dual Status LED (spine) (you can't do this later).
    • Take the new object and attach it to the spine.
    • Position it so that the root prim is in the proper place on your spine.
    • Select "Edit linked parts" and then click on the LED bulb and housing hovering in front of your chest. You must have 2 primitives selected.
    • Position them in the circle on your chest. Make sure the indicator on your spine hasn't moved.

You may delete the individual indicators once this is complete; they won't be needed by themselves.

  • (Females) The CA slave dildo:
    • Detach the Turn-On/Off Button.
    • Rez it and the dildo inworld.
    • Show the dildo; say /556<initials>show to show it, and /556<initials>hide to hide it again.
    • Move the turn-on button so that it is just above the dildo's shaft and centered over it, with the end about even with the front of the balls. It should look like this when you've got it done.
    • DO NOT rotate either the dildo or the turn-on button. They will rez inworld oriented correctly.
    • Hold down the shift key, then click on the dildo, then the turn-on button, and select Tools->Link as you did for the two status LEDs.
    • Take them back into your inventory and attach them again to the pelvis.
    • You'll need to adjust the dildo to make it look right; it has 3 prims, the balls/base, shaft, and tip, and you'll need to select them all with Edit linked parts. Again, DO NOT rotate the dildo in any direction.

The CA-xx slave number and barcode shirt

You were given a CAII number shirt template and a texture named "CAII xx". Wear the shirt, then select Edit Appearance and edit the shirt. Drag the texture to the shirt's Fabric picture. Click Save as… and save it as "CAII xx shirt" (where xx is your slave ID). Copy the new shirt to the clothing folder with everything else.

Congratulations! You're done editing.


While CAII will own your locks and so on, there are some things you must configure yourself.

  • Touch the ER hood. Click Features », then turn off the label, laces, mouth opening, and buckles. Select Back «. Make sure the keys are left on the hood.
  • Touch the ER SingleTail/TwinTails. Set Hair Color 1 to Black, and Hair Color 2 and Band Color to White.
  • Touch your iControl HUD. Select Other…, then iCuffs…, then Color… and set the Body to black and the Emitters and Stripes to white. Click Ignore.
  • To configure the Chat Enhancer, issue the following commands in open chat (not IM). Instead of <initials>, use your avatar's initials:
/35.prefix <initials>
/35<initials>owner add caii wonder
  • You must set your iControl implant to add CAII Wonder as an owner, and then set the control mode to Hardcore mode. You must do this while she is nearby.
  • (Males) If you have the Sensations cock, you must set it to look like it's sheathed in latex:
    • Touch it (even if it's not visible; select Activate to show it if so).
    • Select Look…, then Cock Extras, then Cover Cock.
    • Select Tone…, then set the tone to 80% each of Red, Green, and Blue, then Ignore.
    • Touch it again, then select Look…, then Balls Extras, then Cover Balls, then Tone…, and set it to the same values.
    • Touch it again, and select Deactivate to hide it. Your cock must stay hidden unless it's in active use or you've been ordered to show it.

You're ready to go. Detach everything and put your normal avatar back on.