CA Slave Supervisors

CA slaves' behavior may be monitored by CA Slave Supervisors. These are former CA slaves with the authority to monitor those who are still incarcerated and make sure they behave properly. They may be recognized by the CA Slave Supervisor tag. They may also choose to wear a distinctive uniform. If they observe you committing a violation, they will add the violation time to your sentence if you have not done so.

CA Slave Supervisors are instructed to be strict in their interpretations of the rules. You are a prisoner, and infractions will not be tolerated. The only acceptable excuse is that you could not have reasonably known that you were committing a violation, and that will only apply once to any given offense.

You will treat supervisors with the respect their position deserves. You will not argue with them in public. Not only are they supervisors, they are also not CA slaves, and so deserve the respect and deference due anyone who isn't. On top of that, they've been where you are and come out the other side, so they're the voice of experience, too.