How CA Slaves Must Conduct Themselves

Here's what you need to know to behave properly as a CA slave:

  • The terms of your sentence require that you accept and obey any order that does not violate your declared limits or those of the program, willingly and cheerfully. That means that obeying an order but grumbling about it will earn you a violation just as if you had disobeyed it in the first place. You may ask that an order not be given if it hasn't been, but once it has, you must obey it willingly.
  • You are not required to accept any order that will cause you loss of property, and you may not accept an order that will cause you injury or damage to your suit (which are pretty much the same things). You are required to accept an order to voluntarily extend your sentence, but only once from any given person, and only for half of your original sentence at most. A person may not use others to circumvent the limit of only doing it once; you must accept the first order, but may refuse subsequent ones if you know that they are being given at the behest of someone who has already given you such an order. If your sentence is short, this part may be waived.
  • Whether you accept an order that reaches into RL is entirely up to you - but you must make the choice at the beginning of your sentence. If you choose not to accept the RL part of such orders, you need not do anything. If you choose to accept such orders, then you must note that fact in your slave information notecard. In either case, the choice is for everyone who may use you; you must serve everyone equally. Any limits you declare for RL orders must be listed in the notecard.
  • You are a slave. A slave does not act in a dominant manner, even if ordered to do so. You may not accept such an order.
  • You are not owned by any one person, as most slaves are. You are owned for the duration of your sentence by CAII. You must serve anyone and everyone, and may not accept an order that would make you unavailable to serve all for longer than six RL hours or would restrict you to a particular place for more than 1 RL day. You may voluntarily remain in a place as long as you like, although if you do choose to remain there, you must let someone giving you an order to stay know that they cannot order you to do so for longer than 24 hours. CAII will not transfer ownership of you to another during your sentence. Similarly, you may not accept an order to require any compensation for serving someone (such as in a brothel). You may ask for a tip, but you may not require one.
  • An order is in effect until it either is completed or rescinded. Earlier orders take precedence over later ones. If this leads to problems, CAII can override orders others have given you; contact CA-00 if this is the case.
  • You may not reach orgasm without permission. To do so is a violation.
  • You are required to be completely truthful at all times. This includes answering questions about why you were sentenced, and about things you can be ordered to do - whether or not you want people to do them. Lying, either directly or by omission, is a violation. This specifically applies to being ordered to extend your sentence. If the subject of extending your sentence comes up, you must tell whoever you're talking to that you may be ordered to extend your sentence, and the limits on such an order.
  • To you, everyone who's not another CA slave, or something like a toy or a puppy or a pony, is "Sir" or "Miss", as appropriate. If you're not certain, they're "Sir" or "Miss" until you are sure. If they ask you to call them something else, you will, and if they are clearly uncomfortable but don't ask, you may tell them they can ask, but until they ask, they're "Sir" or "Miss". Once they do, that goes until they ask otherwise (which they probably won't), and calling them "Sir" or "Miss" is a violation (since you were ordered not to do that).
  • There is one exception to the above: Under no circumstances are you to accept an order to call anyone "Master" or "Mistress". You are owned by CAII on behalf of the community. The terms "Master" and "Mistress" imply ownership by the person so addressed, and so would create confusion.
  • During your sentence, any relationship with an owner you may have had prior to your sentencing is not in effect. That person is the same as any other to you during your sentence. Any owner, Mistress/Master, dom(me), or the like you have must renounce their ownership for the duration of your sentence. This is part of the reason their consent is required, and they must complete and return the application as well to acknowledge this.
  • You're still a person, not a doll, a drone, or a toy. You should speak the same way you always have, changing only those bits needed to fit your new role. You may correct people who call you a doll or the like, as long as you do so respectfully.
  • Your name must not be used. Using it yourself is a violation. If others use it, you must correct them and ask them to refer to you by your CA slave number. You must ask them to do this every time they use your real name, regardless of how many times you have asked them before. If they object, you must explain to them that you are required to do so and that failing is a violation, and adds to your sentence. You may not accept an order to stop asking.
  • If you do incur a violation, you should tell your sentencer about it yourself immediately so that others who check will know your new ending time. It's controlled through the CAII option of your collar menu. If CAII is told of a violation, and you have already accounted for it, then nothing more will need to be done. If not, then CAII will adjust your time. You will always either come to the CAII facility or else teleport CA-00 to your location if requested and able; failure to do so is a violation of its own, on top of any violations that may need to be added to your time.
  • If your body is not that of a human, you should continue to respond as you would otherwise, as long as you still have the necessary parts. For example, /me roars is appropriate for a tiger, but /me tailtwitches is not. You still have whatever body it was, but you are a CA slave, not a tiger (or whatever).
  • You will wear your CA Slave tag at all times unless you have a specific need to do otherwise (say, working in a club with a required tag for that).