Shopping List For Male Slaves

Eclectic Randomness:

  • Fetish Doll Hood (L$500)

This is the sculpted prim hood. It contains a variety of visual options. Includes hooded skin.

  • Latex Single-tail hairpiece (L$300)

Make sure you get the *Latex* version, not any other.

DC Designs:

  • Chat Enhancer (L$100)

This provides the electronic voice modification function.

The body of the uniform comes from combining elements of 2 Graves products from the Black & White series. CAII uses a special edition of the male Black & White suit, created for this program and only available from CAII.

  • G77 Black & White suit, special edition, Male (L$490)
  • G144 Black & White boots, male (L$330)


  • Sculpted male cock (L$500)

If it is desired to have a cock for more realistic RP, this one must be used. It has the ability to be covered in latex, and hidden or shown under HUD control. Note that you will be required to use a viewer that implements multi-attach, such as Viewer 2 or the Phoenix Viewer version or later, as the other suitable attachment points are taken up by other things. This item is optional.

Bondage Witch Project:

  • Special CAII Kit (L$90)

This allows the slave to be turned on and off with the click of a button. with status LEDs for placement at strategic points around the body and an information projector which gives out the slave notecard.
Note: For now, the vendor for this package is found above the CAII lobby, as it has not been moved inside the new building yet. You should purchase the box below the main vendor that looks like it's leaning on nothing.

All of these can be obtained at CAII headquarters.


  • iControl system (L$599)

A remote-control system HUD for the sub that includes a variety of features.

This must be purchased directly from Dominatech.

The number/barcode overlay and sentence lock button will be provided free of charge by CAII.