Things a CA Slave Needs to Know About the Suit

Here are some things a CA slave needs to know about the suit:

  • The suit is rubber, but it is tightly bound to your skin by a layer of adhesive that follows every nook, cranny, and wrinkle. The overall effect is more like body paint than clothing. The adhesive layer also contains a large number of nanites that scavenge your sweat and body wastes, reprocessing them to provide your nutrition and fluid intake through your skin. Nothing will pass through the suit in either direction.
  • You will not be able to smell anything though the filters in your helmet's air intake. You will not taste anything at all, since nothing will enter your mouth. Your sense of touch will be slightly dulled by the suit, although intimate touch is enhanced again by the Custodian. You will be able to see perfectly, as long as your neural bypass has not been activated (more on that in a moment), and your hearing is only filtered to make your own voice sound to you as it does to others - which is different from your normal voice.
  • Your suit is essentially indestructible. Anything that will damage the suit will severely injure or kill you first.
  • The suit will stretch as needed to allow you to serve sexually. This goes for both males and females. Your mouth cannot be used in this way (since it's inside your rigid helmet), but the rest of your body can. Female slaves are equipped with a dildo that, when activated, will feel like a cock to them in every way. The dildo or cock will automatically be hidden when the slave is in a General/PG-rated region.
  • Your suit is equipped with a neural bypass (the button on your lower abdomen). When active, you will be frozen in place and unable to move or speak, and your vision will be severely blurred (effectively blinding you). In this state, the lights on your body will go out to tell others you have been turned off. You may not turn yourself back on. You will still be able to emote, but it's a bad idea to use this to bypass the restrictions, and will be a violation if CAII is told of it. Something like "/me stiffens and falls silent" is fine.