What is Community Assistance Incarceration?

Community Assistance Incarceration is a program that allows criminals and other miscreants to be punished by turning them into a slave of the community. A CA slave loses only two rights: the right to change her appearance in any way, and the right to refuse any valid order.

A CA slave wears a distinctive, skintight suit designed to make him highly visible. This lets him be called upon to serve by anyone who desires to use him. His behavior is monitored by a Custodian that's an integral part of the suit. He also has a neural bypass installed that works like an on/off switch, and indicator lights that show the status of the switch.


Once begun, the slave's sentence cannot be shortened or ended early. She's committed for at least the time of the full sentence. Any violation of the program's rules (defined as failure to willingly and cheerfully carry out any valid order) causes more time to be added to the sentence.

A CA slave can be thought of as an anti-bane. A bane is isolated from the society he has wronged. A CA slave remains within it in order to serve it.

A valid order is one that does not violate the slave's declared limits or those of the program. The slave may be used sexually, if desired, or for any other purpose. The suit will stretch as needed to allow the slave to be penetrated, or for a male slave to use his penis, though the helmet is rigid and the slave's mouth cannot be used.

If you would like more information, or know of someone who should serve a sentence as a CA slave, please contact CAII Wonder inworld.