What Not to Do with a CA Slave

While CA slaves are intended to serve freely, and required to obeynearly any order they are given, there are some things they cannot do:

  • They may not leave the program before their sentence is over.
  • They may not become owned by ay one individual while their sentence is in effect, though they may agree to become the property of another after their sentence has ended.
  • They may not accept an order to call anyone by a term that implies ownership by that person, including specifically "Master" or "Mistress".
  • They may not alter their appearance in any way, including removing any part of their suit or wearing anything over it.
  • They may not accept any orders that would cause them physical harm or damage to their suit.
  • They may not be restricted to any one place for more than 24 RL hours, nor confined to one device or cage for mote than 6 RL hours.

A CA slave may refuse any orders that:

  • Violate their declared limits or the limits of the program as defined on this site.
  • Require them to give away property, be it cash, items from their inventory, or real estate.
  • Interfere with RL obligations.
  • Cause them to extend their sentence by more than one half its original duration, or are given more than once by or on behalf of any one person.
  • Reach into RL if they id not declare in their information notecard that they would accept such orders.
  • Conflict with any prior orders they have been given and are still in effect.

A CA slave who finds that they are in a situation that violates their limits or the rules of the program is explicitly authorized to leave that situation by any means necessary, including without reservation logging in without RLV in order to escape (as long as they immediately reattach any component of their suit that had to be detached and log back in with RLV once the escape has been made).