What to Do with a CA Slave

A Community Assistance slave is for public use by anyone for any purpose within their declared limits that do not violate any rules of the CAII program. They must follow all instructions that do not violate those limits or rules.

A CA slave cannot change their physical configuration at all: no clothing or other items can be added, and nothing can be removed.

A CA slave is to be referred to only by their slave ID. Their name is stripped away to remind them of their slave status.

CA slaves are fitted with a publicly-accessible collar and cuffs with a wide range of functionality.

They have a neural bypass located on their pelvis that behaves like a power switch. When "turned off", they cannot see, speak, or move, but can hear and feel. The lights on the rest of their body will turn off when she does.

The Community Assistance Incarceration Program is an outgrowth of the banishment program, utilizing similar technologies with a somewhat different goal in mind. A bane's punishment is to be completely isolated from all social contact. A CA slave is instead put to work in service to the society they've transgressed against. While inmates of both programs wear a skintight nanite-impregnated bodysuit and helmet, a CA slave is styled to be highly visible and bears several accessories, both symbolic and functional, to remind both the slave and the public exactly what their role is. Similarly, while the CA-series Custodian is programmed to monitor and punish misbehavior, it also enforces citizen commands given either verbally or via remote control. A CA slave must serve a citizen's every whim willingly and to the best of their abilities in order to repay their debt to society.

Suggested Uses

CA slaves are highly versatile and may be used in a variety of ways. Below are some example uses of the typical CA slave.

  • Sexual slave - While the CA slave's mouth is sealed inside the hard rubber helmet, their suit stretches to allow both vaginal and anal intercourse.
  • Masochist - The CA slave's submissive protocols make them pefect for the sadist in everyone to whip, toture, humiliate or degrade them. The slave's suit will keep them in good health through activities that would injure unprotected people, as well as preventing mutilation. Murder would violate the terms of their sentencing.
  • Bondage toy - Chain, bind and restrict the CA slave to your heart's content, up to a maximum of six hours or as stated in their information notecard. They have no choice but to let you have your way with them. They are equipped with an iControl collar/cuffs system, set to public access.
  • Companion - Lonely? CA slaves make good company as they are generally eager to please. Take one with you shopping, or as you explore SL for a little added company, or just have a stimulating conversation.
  • Decoration - The sleek yellow and black lines of the CA slave's suit make them a wonderful decoration as a statue or furniture. They will remain in quiet solitude, if desired, just looking good for you, up to the limit in their information notecard.
  • Greeter - The CA slave's submissive nature makes them the ideal candidate for a store or club greeter or hostess. They cannot, however, be used as security or bouncer - as that would require agressiveness they may not display.

These are only suggested uses. A CA slave may be used in any manner you see fit, within their stated limits and CAII protocol.